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Purana Thunsarana Kavi: A Collection of Ancient Sinhala Poems

Purana Thunsarana Kavi (පුරණ තුන්සරණ කවි) is a collection of ancient Sinhala poems that are recited as a form of Buddhist devotion. The poems are attributed to various authors, such as King Parakramabahu II, Ven. Veedagama Maha Maithri Thero, Ven. Weliwita Sri Saranankara Sangharaja Thero, and others. The poems are based on the teachings of the Buddha and express the virtues of faith, morality, wisdom, compassion, and liberation.


The poems are also known as Thunsarane Kavi (තුන්සරණ කවි), which means "the poems of the three refuges". The three refuges are the Buddha, the Dhamma (the teachings), and the Sangha (the community of monks). The poems are meant to inspire the listeners to take refuge in these three jewels and follow the path of enlightenment.

The poems are usually chanted by monks or lay devotees in temples or homes, especially during religious festivals or ceremonies. The poems have a rhythmic and melodious quality that makes them easy to memorize and recite. The poems also use various literary devices, such as similes, metaphors, alliterations, puns, and rhymes, to convey their meanings and emotions.

The collection of Purana Thunsarana Kavi is available in various formats, such as books, audio CDs, MP3 files, and videos. Some of the popular sources are:

  • [PURANA THUNSARANA KAVI], a video by MPK1975SDW on YouTube that features 45 minutes of chanting by monks.

  • [පුරණ තුන්සරණ කවි - Purana Thunsarana Kavi], a video by Kasun Vindana on YouTube that features 21 minutes of chanting by a lay devotee.

  • [Vishnu Purana - Part 294], a video by Praveen Mohan on Facebook that features 2 minutes of chanting by a monk as part of a series on Hindu mythology.

  • [තුන්සරසරණ කවි - Purana Thunsarana Kavi - YouTube], a web page by R Kumarasinghe on YouTube that features 21 minutes of chanting by a lay devotee.

  • [තුන් සරණ කවි Thunsarane Kavi සිත නිවන කවි බණ Sitha Niwana Kavi Bana], a web page by KaviBanaSriLanka on YouTube that features 41 minutes of chanting by monks.

  • [Full Version Purana Thunsarane Kavi Rar Key Pc Cracked Zip 32 Build], a web page by comrizilci on Wixsite that features a download link for a compressed file containing MP3 files of the poems.

Purana Thunsarana Kavi is a valuable source of Sinhala literature and culture that preserves the ancient wisdom and faith of the Buddhist tradition. The poems are also a source of inspiration and guidance for those who seek to follow the path of the Buddha and attain enlightenment.


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