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Bitching Side Stitch, With Nowhere To Run __FULL__

In the feline world, complaining gets you nowhere, in fact showing signs of weakness can get you killed. Sure, some cats in pain will cry out, but if you see a cat crying out in pain, the problem is likely very severe indeed. Besides, cats cry out for many reasons, so even if you do see this, how can you tell if it is due to pain or some other form of stress? Next time you think your cat may be in pain, try to remember some of the following signs of feline discomfort.

Bitching Side Stitch, with Nowhere to Run

My 6 year old female cat started drooling excessively last night right as we were about to go on vacation. My roommate said it has continued today as well. My cat does play with bugs and my friend saw her licking the ground outside the other day as well.

my cat recently got into a fight and she is not an outside cat, she just got out and then it was just bad timing. shes eating and i tried playing with her and she did for a little while but keeps licking the back of her body where it looks like she may have lost some hair there and fur on her back keeps moving like she has fleas? idk if i should bathe her soon or something or just watch her. its like moving a lot and she tries to lick it but she cant reach it. please help!

My 14 yr tomcat hit his paw on the side of the table and fell to the floor crying in pain. I petted him heavy, in seconds, he stopped. He ran around, no limping, and jumped to his feeding tray without a problem. Ate whole can of wet food. Slept and seems to be alright. This happened before. Is it a sign of mini stroke or injury?

June 28, 2012: Dr. says that yes I have cancer it is considered Stage IV Ovarian. Oh, and my CA-125 is 89, normal is 35 and under. He went over all the life expectanty stuff that my husband was asking and then we got down to treatment. He said we could do nothing and see what happens or we could start treatment. I said I already knew what I was going to do and my husband said he thought we should discuss it first, like there is anything to discusss. I know he wanted to be in on the decision making, but my mind was already made up and it was my decision to make. That may seem mean, but I did not want to wait another minute. Now we need the por-a-cath. I did not go with one the first time, but I will never go without one ever again. They make is so much easier. So back to the thoracic surgeon we go, oh but we have a problem, my thoracic surgeon is going to be out of town on Monday so he can't do my surgery, oh well we have someone new to do it. So off I go to see the surgeon to get info I need. While walking down the room to see the new dr, I see my surgeon and tell him I am mad at him because he is going to be out of town on Monday and can't do my surgery like he promised me but he said he could do it tomorrow Friday. Happy! Happy! You know how it is when you find a dr. you like even if you have only seen him 1 time before.

He did an examine and could feel a mass. I did not have any insurance at the time. He said this could be stool or a mass and because you don't have any insurance you gonna have to go downtown to Hutzel Hospital in Detroit. I got scared and did not go back, but two months later (Jan 1994) I had to go to the hospital because the mass grew and I couldn't have intercourse due to pain. I also had constipation. I had a complete hysterectomy. I had a very large tumor on right ovary and small tumor on left ovary.At that time what I was told that it a low malignant ovarian cancer, it was considered to be a new cell type and with surgery I was cured. Had ascites but no chemo at that time.

I was very lucky to have a wonderful husband, family, friends and Doctor. My husband was by my side every day. My friends and family really showed how much they love me by doing their best to care for me. I love Doctor Michael Hicks. He is positive, caring and brilliant. He saved my life. I didn't realize the day I woke up with him at my bedside how lucky I was. He truly is a hero.

Ruth was slim, vibrant and active at age 60. She worked full time in a sewing factory kept house for herself and our aging mother. Took care of her grandson when he got home from school. She did lwn work, papered and painted her walls etc. Never drank or smoked. But she did have ovarian cysts and problems with her periods. She only got pregnant once even though she did nothing to prevent it.She complined about back pain which m.d.'s told her was arthritis. She state she had abdominal pain on both sides where her ovaries would be. her Gyn said nothing was wrong. Her primary care told her she was getting older and to slow and that maybe it was her nerves. At 62 she was vomiting after most meals and her bowel habits were irregular. They told her that nothing was wrong and to relax. On 01-01-04 she was in E.R. when a visiting gyn/oncologist heard her talking to the on call m.d.He diagnosed her as Ovarian Cancer stage 3-4. Did her debulking and chemo treatments until she died at age 64. Our beautiful, caring, loving sister, daughter, mom and nana was gone. Earlier diagnosis could have helped. Why wsn't it recognized???

My name is Marissa, 47, married with a 15 year old daughter. I have been diagnosed with OVCA in Nov. 2009. It was a shock! I had my routine physical with my OBYGYNE in the US in May 2009, and all test results were good. Pap and mammogram were good along wth the usual tests. In June, we went home for good to our home country, the Philippines. I felt good,and I was slimmer. Then came Nov., I was going to the restroom many times a day. I thought I was just having the "usual" loose bowels. I did not go to the doctor right away. Then one night, it was so painful, then I vomited. I decided to see a Gastroenterologist because I thought it was my stomach. He felt a mass in the lower left side of my abdomen. He sent for an ultrasound right away. It was an 8 cm. mass. I have had my uterus removed in 2001, negative of any cancer. It was my left ovary. I decided to see an OBYGYNE/Oncologist to check on it. My oncologist advised that the mass be removed right away. I was scheduled for surgery two days after (Nov. 23rd). Pathology confirmed, it was a burst left ovary. My oncologist and surgeon removed my omentum, both ovaries and fallopian tubes. I was staged OVCA 1-C. I have 2 more sessions to go and I would be done with my Chemo (6 sessions of Paclitaxel/Carboplatin). I feel the effects of chemo (numbness of feet, joint/ body pains, and stomach problems)....but I'll make it. My CA 125 was 10.5 the last time. I pray that it stays that way forever...I wish they make the ultrasound test a routine test just like Pap Smear. I could not help but think that maybe I would have known earlier that my ovay was not normal anymore (and not go thru Chemo) if I was in the Philippines. Ultrasound is like a routine thing with OBYGYNE here, esp. for me who had Hysterectomy before. I lived and worked as a teacher in the US for 8 years, had very good health insurance, but was never offered this test by my OBGYNE there, although he knew my history. Now I know Ovarian cancer can not be detected by just having Pap Smear. Let us all be vigilant about our health and pray for each other...God bless us all...

In 2006 at age 60, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and it was found in a very late stage due to no symtoms. They call it the silent killer. The challenge was first of all to get over the shock of being told I had cancer. I have never been sick in my life, never smoked, occasional drink and always ate right and took care of myself. They started me on chemo for 3 months before going in for surgery. At the end of that 3 months, my husband who was 62 at that time, has a massive heart attack and dies. Another challenge: shock again. I'm not a young woman, I was working but didn't expect my golden years would be alone and I still had that surgery lingering out there. People around me were in more shock than I was so I was continually comforting them and trying to maintain some type of self control and yet go through my mourning period. I had my surgery with my 3 children by my side, and continued for 15 more months of chemo. Now I'm a working woman, never got sick from the chemo by the way and would go right back to work after my treatment, bald and a widow. As if this wasn't enough challenges I had been through, I had another one. My youngest son dies....suicide at age 39. This of all my challenges was the worst of all. I could deal with having chemo, being alone, being bald. But to lose your child is the hardest hit I could have ever imagined or taken. It's been 1 1/2 years now and I'm still not over it. No one in my family is or probably ever will be.

My mother was the most beautiful woman I had ever known. Even when I was in jr. high and high school the boys would all stare at her with awe. She had a natural beauty, the kind with no need for makeup and just jeans and t-shirts. She was also extremely stubborn. When she was 41 she had started having pains in her lower side. Being stubborn and tough she didn't go to the doctor for months until the pain was so unbearable she could no longer take it. She really hadn't been to the gynecologist since my sister was born, who was now 13. When she had finally gone to her doctor they found a cyst on her ovaries and decided to have a routine operation to remove it. It was during the operation that they realized that it was not just a cyst. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer at the age of 41. She was such a fighter! You seriously never knew that she was ever in pain. She didn't want anyone to feel sorry for her or to know she wasn't doing well. My mother died on Thursday, July 26, 2001 at the age of 45. She worked her full time job up until the Friday before she passed away. She passed away on her vacation week that she was going to come and see me. Tough woman but God called her home and I am thankful that my faith lets me know I will see her again someday.

Doc said I had twelve weeks to decide, so I took that time to get my strength back. FINALLY I ask the doc: "Absent the study, what would you recommend to someone with my pathology and family history." Aha - must know how to ask the question! She said. "More chemo. Taxil 12 mos. Will lose hair again." March 2009 My Dad helped me decide on more treatment. Taxil for 12 treatments.It isn't that bad. I have a day to nap and knit. very positive -lookign forward. Went camping in JUNE. Hiking. Biking. Walking helps a lot. Stay strong. I'm a warrior! Look out. I LOVE MY DOC however, she is super smart and the BOMB. Totally. I am so lucky to have her on my side. God bless the doctors and nurses. 350c69d7ab


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